Quantum mechanics as a dynamic construction

Yuri A. Rylov

Institute for Problems in Mechanics, Russian Academy of Sciences,
101, bld.1 Vernadskii Ave. , Moscow, 117526, Russia.
e-mail: rylov@ipmnet.ru

Extended abstract

The quantum mechanics is presented in an unconventional form, when the dynamics is presented firstly. The quantum axiomatics is reserved. A set of identical relativistic classical particles, intereacting via a self-consistent force field kappa, is considered. The wave function and spin are introduced on the base of only dynamics. A self-consistent force field kappa (not the quantum axiomatics) appears to be responsible for quantum effects. It can escape from the matter and enables to produce pairs. Quantum effects (diffraction, interference, tunneling, discrete atom spectra, position-momentum uncertainty relation) can be calculated and explaned on the base of only quantum mechanics, i.e. without a reference to the quantum axiomatics. It means that the dynamics is a principle structure of the quantum mechanics.

(There is the paper in the form of a postscript file).

Updated 09/11/97