Neutrino world chain in framework of skeleton conception of particle


Yuri A. Rylov

Updated January 31 2012


One considers a free neutral particle whose world chain is a spacelike helix with timelike axis. Such world chain appears to be possible in some discrete space-time geometry. Radius of the helix may be macroscopic. This fact agrees with the results of the OPERA experiment, where superluminal velocity of a neutrino has been discovered. The helical world chain can be approximated by a world tube of macroscopic radius. Discovery of the neutrino superluminal velocity is an end effect of the thick world tube, but not the mean superluminal velocity of neutrino. The discrete space-time geometry has no definite metric dimension. Mathematical technique of linear vector space (technique of differential geometry) cannot be used in the discrete space-time geometry. Coordinateless description of the discrete space-time geometry is used.


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