Necessity of the general relativity revision and free motion of

particles in non-Riemannian space-time geometry

 Yuri A. Rylov

Institute for Problems in Mechanics, Russian Academy of Sciences
 101-1 ,Vernadskii Ave., Moscow, 119526, Russia
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Updated February 6, 2010


It is shown, that a free motion of microparticles (elementary particles) in the gravitational field is multivariant (stochastic). This multivariance is conditioned by multivariant physical space-time geometry. The physical geometry is described completely by a world function. The Riemannian geometries form a small part of possible physical geometries. The contemporary theory of gravitation ignores existence of physical geometries. It supposes, that any space-time geometry is a Riemannian geometry. It is a mistake. As a result the contemporary theory of gravitation needs a revision. Besides, the Riemannian geometry is inconsistent, and conclusions of the gravitational theory, based on inconsistent geometry may be invalid. Free motion of macroparticles (planets), consisting of many connected microparticles, is deterministic, because connection of microparticles inside the macroparticle averages stochastic motion of single macroparticles.

There is text of the paper in English (pdf, ps) and in Russian (ps, pdf)