Logical reloading. What is it and what is a profit from it?

 Yuri A. Rylov

Institute for Problems in Mechanics, Russian Academy of Sciences
 101-1 ,Vernadskii Ave., Moscow, 119526, Russia
 email: rylov@ipmnet.ru
 Web site: http://rsfq1.physics.sunysb.edu/~rylov/yrylov.htm
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Updated January 16, 2014


Logical reloading is a replacement of basic statements of a conception by equivalent statements of the same conception. The logical reloading does not change the conception, but it changes results of this conception generalization. In the paper two examples of the logical reloading are considered. (1) Generalization of the deterministic particle dynamics on the case of the stochastic particle dynamics. As a result the unified formalism for description of particles of all kinds appears. This formalism admits one to explain freely quantum dynamics in terms of the classical particle dynamics. In particular, one discovers $\kappa $-field responsible for pair production. (2) Generalization of the proper Euclidean geometry which contains such space-time geometries, where free particles move stochastically. As a result such a conception of elementary particle dynamics arises, where one can investigate the elementary particles arrangement, but not only systematize them, ascribing quantum numbers to them. Besides, one succeeds to expand the general relativity on the non-Riemannian space-time geometries..

There is text of the paper in English (pdf, ps) and in Russian (ps, pdf)