An Inclusive Model of Pair Production

Yuri A. Rylov

Institute for Problems in Mechanics, Russian Academy of Sciences,
101, bld.1 Vernadskii Ave. , Moscow, 117526, Russia.
Updated 06/23/98


The conventional (exclusive) description of pair production requires many functions of many space-time points. An attempt to develope another pair production model which uses several functions of only one space-time point is made. A dynamic system described by the Dirac equation in two-dimensional space-time is considered. The system is described in terms of hydrodynamic variables. Such a description contains a quantum variable k responsible for quantum effects and sensitive to a collision of wave packets. The effective mass M of particles depends on k. Modifying this dependence M(k) one obtains another dynamic system (inclusive model). This model describes an effect of pair production, because the mean world lines of the modified model can make zigzag in the time direction. The quantum variable kappa describes some force field (k-field), whose properties are investigated, as well as a mechanism of pair production by means of the k-field.

(There is the paper in the form of a postscript file. Figures for the paper in the form of four files,,,