Gas dynamics as a tool for description of nondeterministic particles

Yuri A.Rylov

Institute for Problems in Mechanics, Russian Academy of Sciences, 
101, bild.1 Vernadskii Ave., Moscow, 119526, Russia.

July 25, 2015


Classical gas dynamic equations describe mean motion of stochastic gas mole\-cules. The reason of this stochasticity is interaction (collisions) between molecules. The wave function is the way to describe the gas dynamic equations \cite{R99}. If a gas molecules interact via some force field $\kappa ^{l}$, in terms of the wave function the gas dynamic equations have the form of the Klein-Gordon equation. Among two possible approaches: (i) QM as axiomatic conception and (ii) QM as a kind of gas dynamics the second approach is more preferable, because in the first approach the wave function looks as a strange axiomatic object, whereas in the second approach the wave function is a natural way of the gas dynamics description. Besides the second approach admits one to obtain a more complete description of stochastic particles.

(There is the  text of the paper in English and in Russian in the form of a postscript file)