Interstellar atoms in the heliospheric interface

V. V. Izmodenov

In order to enter the heliosphere the interstellar atoms pass through the heliospheric interface - the region of the solar wind and interstellar plasma interaction. In the interface, the interstellar hydrogen atoms strongly interact with the LISM plasma component by charge exchange. This interaction results in the modi cation of both plasma and interstellar atom ows. Thus, the atoms penetrate into the heliosphere disturbed. This opens a possibility to use interstellar atoms and their derivatives - pickup ions and anomalous cosmic rays - for remote diagnostics of the heliospheric interface plasma structure. However, the interpretations of remote experiments are critical to accurate theoretical models. In this paper advanced self-consistent models of the heliospheric interface are reviewed. Evolution of the atom velocity distribution in the heliospheric interface is discussed with the emphasis on interpretation of present and future space experiments.