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HR: 0800h
AN: SH41B-1133
TI: Imaging the three-dimensional solar wind flow in EUV
AU: * Gruntman, M
EM: mikeg@usc.edu
AF: University of Southern California, Astronautics and Space Technology Division, Viterbi School of Engineering, MC-1192, Los Angeles, CA 90089-1192 United States
AU: Izmodenov, V
EM: izmod@ipmnet.ru
AF: Moscow State University, Department of Aeromechanics and Gas Dynamics, Faculty of Mechanics and Gas Dynamics, Moscow, 119899 Russian Federation
AU: Pizzo, V
EM: Vic.pizzo@noaa.gov
AF: National Atmospheric and Oceanic Administration, Space Environment Center, 325 Broadway, Boulder, CO 80305-3328 United States
AB: Charge exchange collisions between the solar wind alpha particles and heliospheric atomic hydrogen produce a unique emission in the 30.4-nm line. All-sky images in this emission with high spectral resolution could reveal the three-dimensional flow properties of the solar wind, including the flow in the regions over the sun's poles. The initial concept of solar wind imaging in EUV was based on a simplistic solar wind flow model with the effective solar magnetic dipole aligned with the sun spin axis and correspondingly a sharp boundary between fast and slow solar wind flows under the solar minimum conditions [Gruntman, J. Geophys. Res., 106, 8205-8216, 2001]. In this work, we make the next step in defining the concept of heliosphere imaging in EUV by simulating images of a realistic three-dimensional solar wind with the effective magnetic dipole tilted with respect to the sun spin axis and resulting in a complex truly three-dimensional flow pattern of the solar wind plasma. The results of simulations establish the sensitivity requirements (a number of all-sky images needed per year) for an experiment to image the global solar wind.
DE: 2124 Heliopause and solar wind termination
DE: 2126 Heliosphere/interstellar medium interactions
DE: 2164 Solar wind plasma
DE: 2194 Instruments and techniques
DE: 7549 Ultraviolet emissions
SC: SPA-Solar and Heliospheric Physics [SH]
MN: Fall Meeting 2005

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